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Mosquitoes: lab abuzz with disease detectives
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Mosquitoes: lab abuzz with disease detectives

Santa Clara County Vector Control lab: the scientists behind eradicating mosquitoes   Ideally, summer is about freedom from homework, weekends at the lake and hanging out into the night, not mosquitoes. That’s why it’s also the season when Santa Clara County is most active protecting residents from the threat of the West Nile virus-carrying insects….

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Santa Clara County community discusses gun violence — with civility!

Wise people learn the lessons of history. And history says gun violence has been somewhat less of a problem in Santa Clara County than in many places in California and beyond. Nor has the County endured spectacular mass slayings. Yet. But history also says that dozens of Santa Clara County die in firearms-related violence every…

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Cold Weather Shelters Extend Their Availability by Two Months

For the first time, Santa Clara County’s two main dedicated cold weather shelters will be open for a full six months — up from four months in the past.

  • Jesse in his office at VMC
  • Jesse at the White House
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Aiding immigrants: A Tireless Commitment to the Most Vulnerable

It’s safe to say Jesse Castañeda was the only hospital registration and billing supervisor who was a guest at the White House in 2012 — twice — an honor people who know him say is well-deserved.

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