Rehabilitation Center at VMC helps rebuild lives
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Rehabilitation Center at VMC helps rebuild lives

The Rehabilitation Center at Santa Clara Valley Medical Center has built a reputation as a national leader in care for patients who’ve suffered a stroke, spinal cord damage or traumatic brain injury. Based in innovation-driven Silicon Valley, the center pioneered an interdisciplinary team approach to care that has since become the standard. The care team…

Mosquitoes: lab abuzz with disease detectives
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Mosquitoes: lab abuzz with disease detectives

Santa Clara County Vector Control lab: the scientists behind eradicating mosquitoes   Ideally, summer is about freedom from homework, weekends at the lake and hanging out into the night, not mosquitoes. That’s why it’s also the season when Santa Clara County is most active protecting residents from the threat of the West Nile virus-carrying insects….

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Santa Clara County community discusses gun violence — with civility!

Wise people learn the lessons of history. And history says gun violence has been somewhat less of a problem in Santa Clara County than in many places in California and beyond. Nor has the County endured spectacular mass slayings. Yet. But history also says that dozens of Santa Clara County die in firearms-related violence every…

Happy New Year, Santa Clara County!
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Happy New Year, Santa Clara County!

Happy New Year, Santa Clara County! Have you made your new year’s resolutions yet? If your goals include more physical activity, finally reading that new book, or eating healthier, the County has lots of options to help you meet your goals and then some! Get outside and participate in the Parks Department’s #PixInParks Challenge. Read…

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Cold Weather Shelters Extend Their Availability by Two Months

For the first time, Santa Clara County’s two main dedicated cold weather shelters will be open for a full six months — up from four months in the past.

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Suicide Prevention Programs Save Lives

Suicide accounts for 22% of the deaths caused by injury in Santa Clara County but counselors at the Behavioral Health Services Suicide Prevention Program and at those at the county’s suicide prevention hotline are there to provide help for those who are feeling depressed, hopeless or lonely. These counselors work to prevent suicide by starting with reducing the stigma that surrounds mental health issues.

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