Library Tech Programs Aim to Spark Innovation

New tech has come to the library

New tech classes have hit the shelves at the Santa Clara County libraries.

All Santa Clara County libraries provide free classes as part of their community programs. Most recently, the district held a series of technology-themed classes called “Makers Workshops.” These workshops focused on Arduino, an open-source software system,  2D design, 2D sketching, and 3D printing.

SCCLD is committed to innovation

Allison Lew,  the Library Services Manager for Public Technology with the Santa Clara County Library District,  says that the, “Santa Clara County Library District is committed to ensuring that community members have access to technology resources and technology tools, enabling them to use technology effectively.

She adds, “We try to always invent new innovations for our library system. One example is our tech toolbar. That is where the ‘technology petting zoo’ can be found. We like folks to be able to see, touch and feel new technologies.”

The Tech Toolbar showcases the latest in tablet technology, giving community members a chance to see, touch, and try out new electronic devices.

Tech toolbar & the Makers Workshop

Lew spoke more specifically about a certain tech tool which can be found at the toolbar.

“What you will also find on our tech toolbar is our new Robodraw. It takes your photo and a robotic arm draws your photo, allowing you to learn about robotics and learn about computers and programming.”

Along with the Robodraw, the Makers Workshops propel innovation by making it accessible to everyone in the community.

“The public library is the community’s library,” Lew continues. “Every member of the community — the library belongs to them. So that means that everyone can enjoy our technology classes.”

Lew is enthusiastic about what these classes mean for Santa Clara County residents.

“We hope to inspire the next great idea in Silicon Valley. We want to provide inspiration, curiosity, and tools for helping community members discover something new.”

These technology programs are very popular, and sign-up lists tend to fill up quickly.

For more information

Please visit Santa Clara County Library District for more information. 

Madeline Merlic
November 10, 2017

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