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County Helps Unveil New Tattoo Removal Laser

Clean Slate Program’s Tattoo Removal Laser

The Clean Slate Program, a partnership between the County of Santa Clara and the City of San Jose, recently unveiled its new, state-of-the-art tattoo-removal laser.

Tattoo removal can be a lifeline to former gang members as well as victims of human trafficking, who are often branded by their captors.

The new PicoWay laser removes tattoos three times more quickly than previous technologies.

“That means that for the first time ever, we’ve expanded the program to include not just former gang members, but also victims of human trafficking,” says Chris Wilder, CEO of the Valley Medical Center Foundation, whose private donors contributed to the new laser.

Helping community members begin anew

In fact, addressing the growing problem of human trafficking is a shared priority of the County and the City of San Jose.

“Often in our community, victims of human trafficking are literally tattooed or branded with the name of the person who has enslaved them,” adds County Supervisor Cindy Chavez. “Not only do we need to help people transform into new kinds of programming; we need to help them transform physically as well, and this laser gives us an opportunity to do that.”

Says San Jose Mayor Sam Liccardo, “We know enabling [human trafficking victims] to restore their bodies is so critical to them for their well-being and to enable them to have a path forward.”

Rebecca Esparza, a former gang member who now works for the Clean Slate Program, vouches for the program personally.  “The Clean Slate Program has really been one of the factors that has contributed to my transformation, so I am so thankful.”

Call 408-794-1660 to learn more about the Clean Slate Program.

September 28, 2017

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