Month: September, 2017

Mental Health, Video

Suicide Prevention Programs Save Lives

Suicide accounts for 22% of the deaths caused by injury in Santa Clara County but counselors at the Behavioral Health Services Suicide Prevention Program and at those at the county’s suicide prevention hotline are there to provide help for those who are feeling depressed, hopeless or lonely. These counselors work to prevent suicide by starting with reducing the stigma that surrounds mental health issues.

District Attorney, Justice, Video

DA Announces “Justice for All” Contest Winners

Piedmont High graduate Nidhi Naroth won the Santa Clara County District Attorney’s annual “Justice for All” contest with her poem, “A Murderer at Large.” The theme of year’s competition was “Race and Law Enforcement — Let’s Work Together to Make it Better.” Three students won a total of $1,000 in scholarship money, funded through the District Attorney’s Asset Forfeiture program.

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County Helps Unveil New Tattoo Removal Laser

A new PicoWay tattoo removal laser has given new hope to former gang members with unwanted tattoos and those who were branded in human trafficking cases, thanks to The Clean Slate Program, a partnership between the County of Santa Clara and the City of San Jose. This new laser, which removes tattoos three times faster than previous technologies, was purchased by the help of the Valley Medical Foundation.

Landmarks, Video

County Preserves History Amid Ongoing Development

What’s a city without its’ historical landmarks? That’s the question County Supervisor Ken Yeager was faced with when the public held concerns that the Cambrian Park Plaza’s 1950’s carousel sign was to be torn down. Up next in the debate is the Burbank Theater located near San Jose City College.

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